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International Student Insurance

The Witherington Insurance Group's International Student Insurance specialists can custom design an insurance program for you.

International Student Insurance


Atlas Travel Plan

The Atlas Plan offers health and travel insurance for non-U.S. Citizens traveling to the United States from as little as 5 days up to one year. Coverage is available for student and dependents.

Benefits include:

  • Inpatient and Outpatient services

  • Prescripton medications

  • Emergency medical evacuation/repatriation

  • Extreme Sports

  • Personal Liability

The plan allows you to choose your maximum coverage limit (from $50,000 to $1,000,000) and deductible (from $0 to $2,500).


Click the link below for current benefit levels and a free quote:



Student Health Advantage

The Student Health Advantage plan is available in two levels, the Standard and Platinum. providing up to $500,000 (Standard) or $1 million (Platinum) lifetime maximum coverage. Students can purchase up to 12 months with renewability up to 5 years while still a student.


Highlights of the plan include:

  • $25 or $100 deductible per injury/ illness

  • $5 co-pay at Student Health Center

  • 100% Coinsurance in PPO

  • Universal Rx Pharmacy Savings

  • Maternity coverage

  • Mental health coverage

  • Organized sports coverage

  • Physical Therapy

  • Pre-existing after 12 or 6 months


Click the link below for current benefit levels and a free quote: 



Student Secure

The Student Secure is designed for non-U.S. college students traveling to the United States for study. Dependent coverage is not available with the Student Secure Plan. The Student Secure is available in four levels: Smart, Budget, Select and Elite, all levels of the plan offer comprehensive inpatient and outpatient coverage for international students. All four levels cover hospital and doctor visits, prescriptions, emergency medical evacuation and repatriation, however the main difference between these plans are as follows:


  • Smart ($200,00)- A basic coverage designed to cover medical expenses in the event of an accident or illness. This plan is designed for those students on a budget and who do not have strict insurance requirements.

  • Budget ($250,000)- This plan is a comprehensive insurance plan designed not only for accidents and illnesses, but also for maternity, sports coverage, pre-existing conditions (after a 12 month waiting period), etc.

  • Select ($300,000)- The Select level covers more than both the Smart and Budget but covers pre-existing conditions after a 6 month waiting period.

  • Elite ($500,000)- The Elite level offers the most coverage of all four plan levels. This plan is great for students looking for comprehensive coverage with the least out of pocket expenses when seeking medical treatment.


To learn more about the benefits CLICK HERE.

Click the link below for current benefit levels and a free quote:



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